• Are your electricity bills getting out of hand? Do you wish to reduce it? 


    If so, check out our brand new remote-controlled, waterproof solar powered lights! We offer one of the most affordable solar lights in the market, and is also the most durable, bright, and long-lasting solar lights! 


    Our solar-powered lights are specially catered for illuminating dark and dim places, and charges very quickly even in days with little sunlight. Its brilliant and efficient sensors will make sure that whenever someone gets close to it, it will instantly light up and brighten up the whole room!


    Stop wasting your hard-earned money on electricity bills. Make the switch from traditional lightbulbs to our solar powered lights today!



    • Power trips will no longer affect you
    • Reliable and durable (IP66 waterproof)
    • Portable and easy installation for you to fix on anywhere
    • Environmentally friendly and energy-saving
    • Fast and efficient charging
    • Remote-controlled and sensor activated
    • High quality LED lamps 
    • Very bright and long-lasting
    • Has a very long service life
    • ZERO electricity bills
    • Way more energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly than other solar powered lights in the market



    • 1st Mode: The light will only be switched on when human motion is detected.
    • 2nd Mode: The light is constantly dim and will only be switched on fully when human motion is detected.
    • 3rd Mode: The light is constantly switched on fully and can be manually switched on and off using the remote control.



    1x Solar Powered Light

    1x Remote Control

    Solar Powered Light

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    $19.99Sale Price
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