• You could be risking your life over a flat tyre!!


    Check your car now, you might be surprised to find a flat tyre. Did you know that the average person experiences 5 flat tyres in a lifetime? You'll never know, you could be experiencing 1 of the 5 times anytime soon!


    Do you know how dangerous it is to drive a car with flat tyres on the road? Flat tyres will be less responsive to your steering, which reduces the ability of your car making sharp turns. This is due to the tyre rolling over the wheel rim because of the low air pressure in the flat tyres. Driving with flat tyres generally gives you less control over the car when you want to steer to the left or right and it imposes great danger and risk to the lives of everyone in the car!


    A flat tyre can be caused by a hole as tiny as the diameter of a needle! Tyre punctures are more commonly caused by a slow leak rather than a tyre blowing out at a speed, making them harder to notice straight away. Running over large potholes or debris such as nails, screws and glass in the road could also cause punctures in your tyres.


    Conventional tyres aren't designed to support the vehicle's weight or hold the road when they are flat. Continuing to drive with an underinflated tyre over time could cause further damages to the sidewall of the tyres, leaving it irreparable and needing a replacement. 


    You would be thankful for yourself for purchasing this when the day of the emergency comes. Remember: it's not if, but when. You'll never know when you'll experience a flat tyre. Getting a portable tyre inflator from us would definitely save your life in an emergency where you notice that your tyres are flat in the middle of the road. Find a safe place to pull over and try to avoid driving any further. 


    This portable tyre inflator is super convenient when the day comes as you will be getting an instant help when your tyres go flat in the middle of the road and it is much cheaper and saves you more time as compared to calling a tow truck.


    Don't wait for your tyres to go flat then regret for not purchasing this. Hurry up and get this now to save yourself in the day of an emergency!



    1x Life Saving Portable Tyre Inflator

    Portable Tyre Inflator